The Hong Kong 'China' Overprints
British Offices In China 1917 - 1930


I see no need to rewrite something that has already been said so well and so throughout this site I have quoted both Webb and Perrin and tried to ensure that such quotes are noted. In addition, Mr. Frank Drake and Mr. David Drake have published a number of detailed research articles regarding the cancellations and frequency of usage of stamps from the Agencies, which have been published in various Journals of the Hong Kong Philatelic Society and are summarized and quoted extensively in the Agencies section of this website.

In addition to the bibliography and contributors, none of this would have been possible without the help, advice, research and assistance of the following:

Mr. David Beech, Head of Philatelic Collections, The British Library
Mr. Douglas Muir, Curator of Philately, British Postal Museum and Archive
Ms. Gini Horn, Librarian of the American Philatelic Society
Mr. Jean-Paul Beck for his research into the cancellations of Port Edward and generosity in sharing his collection of EKU/LKU cancels on adhesives
Mr. Charles Verge
Ms. Janet Klug


Mr. Jean-Paul Beck
Mr. Nick Halewood
Mr. Mick Goldsmith
Mr. K. K. Ho
Mr. Lee Scamp
Mr. Dai Thomas
Mr. Frank Drake and Mr. David Drake have done extensive research on EKU and LKU from the various ports as well as their rarity and frequency.
Dr. Andrew Cheung


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