The Hong Kong 'China' Overprints
British Offices In China 1917 - 1930



EKU on Adhesive
LKU on Adhesive
EKU on Cover
LKU on Cover
Cover Census
  Paquebot Hong Kong Type C vii   Jun 16 1922 W     12 Oct 1918
25 May 1919

  Insured label on buff with black lettering         3 Feb 1921
  Insured Label on Salmon with Black lettering         Jul 12 1918
  Insured Label on Pink with Black lettering         Sep 12 1921

Insured Label on Magenta with Black lettering





Jul 12 1918
Sep 12 1921
  Buy War Bonds
Webb Type i Modern Slogan
Proud HS2 Shanghai
Aug 26 1918 P Dec 30 1918     Aug 26 1918
  Buy War Bonds
Webb Type i Modern Slogan
Proud HS1 Hong Kong
Ap 30 1918 P Jul 17 1918 Jun 26 1918   Jun 26 1918(Canton)
  China Inland Mission Security Marking         Oct 22 1918 (Chefoo)
  Red Cross 10c Red and Blue on White patriotic label in english.         15 Jul 1918
7 Sep 1918
  Red Cross 10c Red and Blue on White patriotic label in chinese.         Jun 6 1918
  Damaged By Sea Water         ??? ?? 1918
Jan 15 1918
  Received at Liverpool Damaged by Seawater         Jan 14 1918
  Returned to Writer         Nov 13 1917
  Service Suspended         Nov 13 1917



Nothing is known about the Insured label on salmon with black lettering. It is previously unrecorded and the cover shown above is believed to be the only example extant.

In a similar vein, the insured label in pink with black lettering is also unknown. The design is similar to that of the salmon label used on the cover from Shanghai, which encourages speculation that the individual ports printed their own labels. Any information regarding these labels would be welcome.

The Insured label in magenta with black lettering was supplied to the post offices in gummed sheets.

The Buy War Bonds handstamp appears on the back of the cover shown under Canton dated Jun 26 1918

The Damaged by Sea Water handstamp was previously thought to be attributed to the loss of the Laconia (and has been listed as such in numerous auction catalogs). The dates of the sinking of the Laconia, however, do not match and research by Janet Klug has shown that this handstamp and these two covers must have come from the sinking of the S.S. Manchester Spinner which was sunk by German submarine U-27 off the coast of Malta on January 22, 1918 en route from the Far East to Britain.