The Hong Kong 'China' Overprints
British Offices In China 1917 - 1930


Our hobby relies on the passion and contribution of collectors. Please consider making a donation to one of these fine organizations. There are a number of ways you can donate. You can:

1. Donate your time.

If there is a group local to you, or near where you travel on business or vacation, call and see if you can volunteer some time to help out! Here is a listing of societies and clubs.

2. Donate your stamps or covers

The APS will accept all stamp, cover and album donations. If the value is high, you may want to consider donating it to the National Postal Museum. If you do, however, please make sure that any accompanying donation letter states that your gift is unrestricted and that they can sell or use your gift as they see fit.

3. Consider Planned Giving

What will happen to your stamps after you die? What about life insurance proceeds? You can change the beneficiary information in your will to include one or more of the organizations listed below.

4. Donate your money

From $20 to $20 million, all of these groups can use your help. Think how much you spend each year on stamps? Surely a small portion of that can go to support our hobby.

Please consider the following organizations:

The IanThom Foundation
Little or nothing to do with philately but this is my personal foundation and if you appreciate this website, a small donation would be truly appreciated. You can donate by sending a check or through Paypal here.

The Smithsonian National Postal Museum
The NPM has built the Gross Gallery on Massachussets Avenue in Washington DC which is the largest and most amazing display of stamps ever assembled. The stained glass windows of stamp images shine out over the the US Capital and Mall at night. The work they do is nothing short of incredible and they rely on private donations to prepare their exhibits. You can donate here.

The American Philatelic Society
America's oldest and most respected organization for philatelists. Become a member here and/or donate here.

The New Initiatives Committee of the Council of Philatelists at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum
The New Initiatives Committee is made up by members of the Council. This group is constantly coming up with and implementing new ways to reach out. Their input helped lead to the creation of Arago, the Global Philatelic Library,, Stamps Teach - a new initiative to provide education through stamps (which is in testing phase and receiving extraordinarily positive feedback from the kids and teachers). the YouTube stamp competition and many other amazing things. If you can afford to donate $100 or more, please send your donation to the APS but mark it or write a note explaining that it is to be used to assist the New Initiatives Committee at the NPM. Currently all their costs are being absorbed by the individual members of the committee personally, through donations from the APS and from the incredible generosity of a number of stamp dealers.

Thank you for your consideration!

(If you know of other philatelic groups or organizations that might be suitable to list here, please let me know.)